The School of Social Sciences used to be the Faculty of Social Sciences until August 2014. The Faculty consisted of the following nine teaching departments:



Geography and Resource Development


Information Studies

Political Science


Social Work



There were other departments which were not directly under the Faculty but which for purposes of admission of students are listed by the University of Ghana Statutes as being part of the Faculty. They were: Computer Science, Home Science, Mathematics, Statistics and the School of Nursing, which used to be the tenth department under the Faculty but was hived-off in July 2003 as a School under the College of Health Science. In addition to the teaching departments, the Faculty was responsible for approving the academic programmes and handling application for appointment and promotion of the academic staff of the following institutes, school and centres:


Institute of Adult Education (IAE)

Institute of African Studies (IAS)

Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research (ISSER)

Regional Institute for Population Studies (RIPS)

School of Communication Studies (SCS)

Legon Centre for International Affairs (LECIA)

Centre for Social Policy Studies (CSPC)

Institute of Continuing and Distance Education (ICDE)

Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy (CEGENSA)


The Faculty was the largest in terms of students’ numbers and still is the largest. The student population in 2006 is close to 8,000 made up of about 7,500 degree and non-degree students and about 500 graduate students. There are about 180 full-time and part-time teaching faculty.