Dean's Welcome Message


A warm welcome to the School of Social Sciences. Our website will introduce you to the faculty, the facilities, and the programs run by Departments within the School. It will   also help enhance your stay and study in the University. The mission of the School of Social Sciences is derived from that of the University, which is to “develop world-class     human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination”. In   fulfillment of this mission, the School of Social Sciences has made teaching, research and extension activities more relevant to the development needs of the Ghanaian     

society in particular and the world in general through the offering of attractive, innovative and demand-driven programmes.

The School consists of the following teaching departments:

·         Economics

·         Geography and Resource Development

·         Political Science

·         Psychology

·         Social Work

·         Sociology

Departments in our School offer both undergraduate and graduate programs by providing intensive research training and outstanding teaching and learning opportunities as a way of promoting experiential learning. With this, our students are able to integrate classroom lectures and real world learning. Our students come from diverse backgrounds with diverse ambitions both within Ghana and beyond. Our basic objective in the School is to help our students think more clearly and expansively than ever before. I therefore invite you to explore all that the School of Social Sciences offers you at the University of Ghana. Our faculty engage in cutting-edge interdisciplinary research and contemporary issues in the social sciences and their research is influential in shaping both theoretical and practical development in critical areas in the social sciences.

Aside from providing a holistic academic curriculum for students to gain deeper insight into human behavior, society, issues of the economy and political issues, the School also addresses a broad range of issues through research, workshops, multimedia, exhibitions, lecture series and other events. The School of Social Sciences is an exciting place to be for students and Faculty as well.

Your stay with us should provide you with the intellectual skills not only to succeed in life but also to gain value from it as well. Additionally, education you receive should provide you with the preparedness for life beyond the University and give you the foundation on which your future careers will be built.

Take advantage of all the opportunities the School offers and make the most use of your study at the School of Social Sciences. Learn more about us through the internet!


Dean of School of Social Sciences

Professor Charity S. Akotia

BA (Gh); MA (Canada); PhD (Gh)