Professor Martin Oteng-Ababio

 BA (Hons), MA, Ph.D; Ghana

Professor Oteng-Ababio is an Associate Professor and Head of the Department Geography and Resource Development. His areas of specialization are in Urban Studies, Urban Environmental Management and Disaster Risk Reduction. His research interests are Urbanisation and Urban Planning; Urban Environmental Management; Disaster Risk Reduction; Urban Informality and Urban Infrastructure Service Provision. Prof Oteng-Ababio is currently the Project Coordinator for the PeriPeri U, a partnership of African universities that spans across the continent and is committed to building local disaster risk related capacity. He also doubles as the Local Principal Investigator (PI) of EU sponsored Sustainable Market Actors for Responsible Trade (Smart 2010) project. He is also a co-investigator of a research and capacity building project “Climate Change Resilience in Urban Mobility of Accra”, financed by DANIDA.

Head, Department of Geography and Resource Development