Dean's Profile

NAME:           Charity Sylvia Akotia

TITLE:           Associate Professor 


B.A. (Hons) University of Ghana                         1987

M.A. Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada              1992

PhD. University of Ghana                                   2004



Social/Community Psychology



Social Psychology

Community Psychology

The Psychology of Gender

Elements of Psychology



Cultural studies on suicide and suicide prevention

Cross-cultural studies on gender role perception and self esteem

Gender and relationship aggression


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Book Chapters

             Akotia, C.S., & Anum, A. (In press). Gender, Culture, and Inequality in Ghana: An examination of socio-cultural determinants of gender disparity. In S. Safda & N. Kosakowska (eds). The                Psychology of Gender Through the Lens of Culture: Introduction‏, Springer.

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Articles in Refereed Journals


Akotia, C. S., & Anum, A. (In press). Perception of suicide and suicide prevention: Views from teenagers in Ghana. Ghana International Journal of Mental Health.

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Working Papers

Akotia, C.S., Knizek, B. L., Hjelmeland, H., & Osafo, J. Patients’ own reasons for suicide attempt: An exploratory study in Ghana.

Osafo, J., Quarshie, E.N., Akotia, C.S., & Andoh-Arthur, J. Understanding community leaders’ attitudes toward suicide in Ghana.

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