School of School Sciences 2024 Orientation for Freshers

 A virtual orientation was held for the School of School Sciences’ fresh students on Saturday, February 10, 2024. The orientation session was attended by the six Heads of Departments of the School, faculty, representatives from selected units and students of the School.

The Dean, Prof. Mavis Dako-Gyeke welcomed all present. In her opening remarks, she gave a brief description of the School, its vision, mission and values. She also assured the students of the school’s support in their academic pursuits. Prof. Dako-Gyeke urged the students to be intentional about developing attitudes that would allow them to be creative, discover themselves and be serious about their academic work. She also encouraged them to be respectful, caring, and loving, as well as dress decently and appropriately as they embark on their journey at the University.

The Heads of Departments or their representatives also added their voices to welcome the students. They informed the students of where they could be located, what to expect and possible job opportunities. They indicated that their offices are open for further deliberations.

Representatives from selected units of the University also described the role they play, where they can be located on campus and welcomed students to visit their offices for further assistance. The units were: the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Careers and Counselling Centre, College of Humanities Academic Office, Centre for Gender Studies and Advocacy, Office of Students with Special Needs and Students Financial Aid Office.

The question and answer session allowed the students to seek clarification on issues pertaining to internship and academic registration among others.

In conclusion, Prof Dako-Gyeke thanked all present for joining the orientation session and encouraged students to follow-up on the internship opportunities as it will open doors for them to experience the world of work.

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